Monday, June 2, 2014

Lavender Ridge Farms

My favorite kind of Saturdays are the kind with no plans where you wake up and anything can happen. We like to wander and explore ...get lost and see what you find. This usually leads me especially looking for beauty and relaxation and trees ;). A few Saturdays back we found Lavender Ridge Farms... And it completely exceeded my expectations.

It's only about 30 mins north of Denton. A pretty short and beautiful drive for us.

Texas really is beautiful and this reminds me of the farm road I grew up on in East Texas. 

When you pull in you are immediately warmly welcomed by signage and some locals...

There are some rules like play nice with the wildlife and have fun!

So basically the way it works is you can cut as much as you can hold in a twisty tie for 8 dollars. 

They give you some instructions like above and your tools 

They are extremely friendly and happy to help. Once you have everything you are free to gather as much as you happy heart desires.

And my heart was happy! Feeling relaxed and at peace the whole time ;)

They even have helpers to show you the best bushes or maybe the ones with the lizards in them.

Look at my haul...After you have as much as you can fit in you twisty tie they will help you bag it up.

And if you know anything about the Texas Summer you will need a refreshment. Luckily they have an adorable cafe.

Complete with twinkle lights a lovely breeze and a screen door that immediately transfers me back in time. 

Naturally I got the lavender iced tea, lavender honey chicken salad ...when in Rome.

The man got the lavender cheese cake it was all delicious and just perfect for a warm day. 

Feeling refreshed we walked around the delightfully shaded property. Picked something from the chary tree ;)

And into the sweet gift shop

It's a pretty great way to spend a Saturday 

Here is my fresh bunch 

I will enjoy it fresh for a couple days then hang it upside down to dry it then I will have it forever. You know sometimes you have to get out of your normal routine and when you do you are free to realize there is such beauty and adventure in everyday life...I don't want to miss it, I don't want to take it for granted, I want to live my life even if it is by slowing it down. 

I suggest you stop by and see my new friends at Lavender won't regret it!  

New Orleans Part 2

Sorry it has been so long. I haven't had as much inspiration to blog lately but I feel it coming back to me. I hope that this brightens your day or inspires you even if it's just to give you a little break in your day!

Here is my New Orleans Part 2 post...
We headed out into the New Orleans streets in search of food and drink.

We happened upon this fish spot that has ridiculous servings as you can see...

But it was the best fried fish I have ever tasted. Deanie's Seafood.

There was a good bit of a wait so we hopped over a couple streets and had some cocktails at the carousel bar. Sorry I didn't get a good picture but it was lovely and the jazz band was perfect.

Then we wandered back to our hotel changed and went down for a little caberette show it was my first time to see one and I loved it.

New Orleans really knows how to do cocktails and music and I miss it already!

We danced and stayed out until things got foggy then went up to bed.

The next morning we went in search of begniets another first for me.

The whole walk over was filled with secret gardens and beautiful architecture.  

Then we made it

I was pretty much in heaven simple and so perfect. I thought they were goog to be overrated...I was wrong they were amazing!!

We finished up and took a walk

And took the city in

This was my favorite little street 


We ended up in the garden district 

Toured the cemetery

Then we were ready for refreshments

Well hello lovers

Found a snack a ran across the best patio for sitting and watching the world go by.

A front porch of the Columns hotel, yes please we will sit and stay awhile

This whole box and 3 or 4 (who's counting) cocktails later we headed back to get ready for dinner. 

It's such a lovely place to stroll...