Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bathroom Makeover

We finally got around to doing the guest bathroom!! From builder grade to soothing and calm.

Horrible builder grade cabinets don't get me wrong I am thankful for them but they need a makeover. There is much more I would like to do but this is on a budget without major construction, to keep the hubs happy :).

Builder grade light ...this was probably the worst part of this restroom and my pet peeve.

And here she is now...

Sorry that I can't quit get everything in one picture it's at a difficult angle and there is no natural light. 

Added some shelves to hold anything a guest may need.

Bath salts, cotton balls and q-tips then some razors and tooth brushes that are individually packed incase someone forgets.

Also a little shower gel and a good sponge. 

Flowers from the yard and some delicious smelling soap.

Pulled off the builder grade mirror and hung this lovely new one, it makes such a difference! 

We also painted the walls a calming grey and the cabinets a deep espresso.

And added a little bling to them with the knobs.

I wasn't sure about these mats and the pattern but I am really loving them now.

Another huge difference was hanging these curtains all the way to the celling. It really makes the room look sooo much larger!

I like all white towels they always look so clean and fresh! 

Now the crown jewel ...

It was hard to photo graph but here is the new light. We love it!! It was regularly an obscene price but we found it 70 percent off ...amazing!! It's so sparkly and makes the space so fun!

Sorry the lighting is terrible. Anyway, that is the rest room. I tried to think of everything anyone would need and we love it so far. I just need to add some art to the walls. I am working on pictures now.

I hope you liked the tour!

Product list:
Wall paint: Behr paint in primer subtle touch
Caninet Paint: Behr marquee in espresso
Knobs: lowes
Light: lamps plus
Shelves: target
Rugs: tjmaxx
Curtains: tjmaxx
Mirror: Homegoods 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Cruelty Free

Hey there everyone it's been awhile since I posted anything and I would like to get better about that. My friend and I were just discussing how we are both slowly switching to all Cruelty Free products and I thought I would share a little progress I have made. I have been working on changing all my beauty products over to cruelty free products. I posted a couple of items already but I have two REAL winners here to tell you about! 

I don't know about you but I am into products that smell good and feel luxurious! These check both boxes...

These face wipes smell like you have fallen into a giant coconut and made you home there. Amazing! So much so that I keep opening them and smelling them. I love to have face wipes for the nights I just don't have it in me to wash my face (never go to bed without washing your face) 

They cost about $6 for 30 wipes and again they are heaven. I got mine at Sprouts. 

The next is 

This conditioner...I posted some shampoo and conditioner I like in a different post but this is better. I very rarely purchase the same conditioner in a row but this I did. It smells like dreamcicle    the orange-vanilla lovely smell from summer. Love love and it is a really great conditioner for my super blond hair right now. I have found a lot of items from this Andalou brand that I love and this is another. You can also get this at Sprouts or Market Street or any health/natural store. It's also very affordable I think it was about $7. 

I know there are more important things in the world but I want to make some changes in what my purchases represent and what I put in and on my body. One step at a time ...I feel good about this since my husband won't let me adopt the  6 dogs I would like too :) no animals should ever be mistreated and it breaks my heart to think I can't love on them all. So for now I love on these two ...

What products have you tried you like? Next for me is mascara I am nervous about this one since I am a mascara freak and super picky.

Have a great weekend!