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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Islamorada Day 2

Day two in paradise, having slept the best sleep we had in months we woke up to the wind in the trees. It was such a relaxing sound.

The all white room and blue ceiling made my heart happy!

We finally yanked ourselves out of bed and headed for breakfast by the water.

They had a lovely little Buffett that was simple and plenty. It felt like we were staying at a friends house. 

I took my coffee and oj by the ocean naturally ;).

Satisfied and ready for adventure we headed out in search of beaches.

The drive is beautiful. Look at those colors!

We found a beach, this one is natural and not man made. There was a lot of seaweed but it was lovely. We walked down it exploring.

We were isolated and it was awesome! 

He clearly likes the coconut more than me...

After exploring for quite a while we were ready for some food.

So we headed back in search of fish (not too hard to find)

We settled in at a sweet little place by the water.

Well maybe not that sweet. But my kind if people non the less.

I had the most wonderful Key Lime Colada....never had a frozen drink so good, it was like pie in a glass.

He had Mahi Mahi 

I had hogfish...this was new for me and it was greatness!
Stuffed we headed out in search of a beach with a great sandbar and we found one!

The water was awesome and the wind suffers were great to watch. One almost took me out during this picture.

The sun came out in all it's glory.

We had our fun the headed back to the resort to nap.

He likes to feel beastly...and tropical...

Me too... wild hair and lip-gloss are all you need for the keys...

We found a hammock to our liking. It rained enough to cool us off for five minutes. Then God blessed us with a double rainbow. We watched it until it faded and the sun was starting to head down.

We got some drinks and snacks and settled in for the sunset.

I know I say it all the time but storms and clouds cause the most beautiful sunsets. Just like in life sometimes you have to go through the loud, nasty, cold crackling drama until you get to the calm, colorful peacefulness on the other side. 

The sun was down and the lights came on. We laid around had some fish tacos and talked until we were the only ones left. I heart this place!

Sorry for the picture heavy post but it was something I couldn't wait to share ...such beauty!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Private Island

We are headed on Vacation it's time to power down, wear no makeup, put on breezy dresses, read for hours, go on a adventure, try new food, be in awe of something, fall deeper in love and just breath!

See you on Monday! Have a beautiful rest of your week. 

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