Monday, November 25, 2013

Give Thanks

This time of year is my favorite. There are a lot of obvious reasons and some huge things we take for granted everyday like the fact we live in America, we are free to dream, live, worship, love and work how we choose. Our health and our warm beds at night. For these things we are truly blessed everyday. But this time of year I am thankful for the slower pace and how everyone is just a little nicer, more grateful and sensitive to the needs of humanity.

Maybe our society focuses on the worldly gifts a little too much but we are at least focusing on others, getting our joy out of giving the most perfect gift to the ones we love. This is what I think about when a lady tries to rip a sweater out of my hand because it's the last one on sale :) she is just being thoughtful. 

Regardless of what brings you joy, remember the "most wonderful time of year" could only be from Him. He is the reason for this tender magical time of year when we all love a little harder. 

Here are some small things that I am thankful for this time of year...

1. How quite a winter night can be when you turn everything off and just listen to the crackle of the fire.

2. Unexpected small gifts from neighbors.

3. Twinkle lights everywhere you go

4. Christmas cards from love ones ( the only time of year I check the mail ;)

5. How strangers start to tell you Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays

6. Days off to enjoy my family and friends

7. Fuzzy socks

8. Memories 

9. The thought if a new year

10. Being so happy I think my heart may burst. 

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgivng!!


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