Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chicken Pot Pie Weather

Chicken Pot Pie is pretty great anytime but especially when it's raining and you have left over chicken.

If you don't have left over chicken you can just pick up a rotisserie chicken at the grocery store. 

You will need cooked chicken about 2 cups full.
1 can of mixed vegetable ...I like veg-all. Or you can of course chop some fresh veggies. 
I stick of butter
1/4 cup flour
1 can of chicken broth
1 cup of heavy whipping cream
2 pie crust (pillsbury)
A pinch of white wine

Melt your butter

Shred your chicken

Drain your veggies

Sauté The veggies in the butter about 5 min on medium heat

While the veggies cook go ahead and get your crust and pan ready

 Use one to line the bottom

Add the chicken to the veggies 

Season more if needed

Sprinkle the flour in and stir it all in to thicken

Add chicken broth

Then add the good stuff!! This is what makes the pot pie so good!


A little white wine ( or a lot) 

Season a little more salt and pepper

If you fancy a few more veggies...I like to add peas at the end.

Poor into your crust 

Cover with the second crust

Tuck her in around the edges

Cut a few slits 

She's ready to bake

350 for an hour to an hour an 15 minutes 

It's ready and it's perfect!'


Serve hot and it is just as good or maybe even a little better heated up the next night!!


Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Wreath for Free

This weekend was beautiful. We had a lovely cold rainy day and a crisp cool sunny one. The cool snap gave me some energy and motivation to put up a few Fall items around the casa.

I hate buying wreaths, the are so expensive and I struggle with what I want on my door each season. I usually repurpose something I have or get lucky with a sale. This year was no different. At first I struggled then Super Man found this in the attic.

It was a little beat up and old looking but I was determined to revamp it with items I had. 

I had pined these for inspiration.

This is what I ended up with

I found some burlap with the chevron print on it that I had used for a garden party. I twisted it around the wreath. But I still needed something so I added the initial cake topper from our wedding. 

I was really happy with how it turned out and most of all that it was free 😉

What do you think?

I will post more Fall decor later this week.

I hope you have a great week!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Cubicles Suck... A Makeover

So it's been a hectic and emotional week. I am finally starting to feel myself again after an emotional job change. Change is good but I often fear it.

I arrived to my new job on Monday to see this.

This may look normal to some people but for me this is about as depressing as it gets. I am someone who is very effected by my environment, i love the outdoors and I also need windows and natural light.

So needless to say when you drive an hour to get to work ... You need a place to welcome and inspire you and this wasn't working for me so...

I decided I could cry about it or I could change it.
( I am pretty sure this is a quote from Pinterest )

Here is the After

I still have a little to do but I am feeling much better about my little corner if the world.

I hope you have a great week!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

First Day of Fall - Pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

I am so happy to have Fall roll in. There's a beautiful crisp chill in the air gives me a whole new energy. I have been going through a lot of changes lately and it's perfect timing because when God sends Fall he sends his tangible reminder that things are supposed to change. I happily welcome it with open arms and very little anxiety ;).

Here are my favorite Fall muffins. I probably crank out a couple dozen of these a week they become a staple in our house during the Fall and the best part is they are easy! No mixer required.

They are so good!

Here's the recipe.

The good stuff. Go ahead a get a couple cans of pumpkin because you will make them more than once!

Mix dry ingredients. I prefer wheat flour makes them more grainy and goes with the pumpkin really well.

Now it calls for pumpkin spice that I used to be able to find at Albertsons but we went everywhere and couldn't find it. So pumpkin pie spice is ok too but if you can find pumpkin spice it is better. I plan to search the metroplex looking for it soon.

Mix wet ingredients. Don't be stingy with the pumpkin!!

Mix wet and dry ingredients.

Add chocolate chips says 6 ounces but a little more never hurt anyone. I have tried both milk chocolate and semi sweet...I prefer semi sweet but the are both good!

Spray your pan it will make 12

Fill them up good right below the rim.

Bake for 22-25 min and your done.

Let cool!


They won't last...

Serve with coffee and a blanket :) 

Happy First Day of Fall!