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Monday, July 29, 2013

Color Me Happy Nails

So I pretty much stopped wearing fake nails about 4 and a half years ago. I love manicured nails in fact I am almost obsessed. I don't feel complete with out my toes and nails done. I get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks. But my manicure is more like a polish change because I prefer to push my cuticles back as opposed to cutting them...I do love the arm massage though I mean who doesn't?? In between visits I paint them myself. Here are some colors I am loving right now (I have to search out colors because I am almost always at a loss and don't like anything when I go to the salon)

This is "Son of a Peach" the perfect neon pastel (is that an oxymoron?) peach!

This is Essie Fifth Avenue a perfect bright summer red like a good old 50's red.

Also one of my favorite summer neutrals is Essie Marshmellow 

Sorry I don't have a shot of it on my nails but its a good white not too stark bright white but soft and vibrant. Classy and fresh and goes with everything!

So here is my summer trio. What are the summer colors you are loving?

Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Legs Are So Soft

And it's thanks to this

Kiss my Face moisture shave...this stuff is awesome! I am not sure about you guys but I could never get a great shave and I tried all the fruity foamy kinds. This stuff is natural and wonderful! It lasts forever and I even think it makes my shave closer and my razor last longer. I did also learn recently that you shouldn't leave your razor in the shower because the water dulls the blade. I take it our of the shower now after I use it and it last so much longer...who knew??

Made with all good stuff and in the USA

Comes out more like a lotion than a foam 

Goes on creamy and lathers up nice.

It really has changed my whole shaving experience, this is the un scented but it comes in lavender and that's my favorite. Then I smell good and have super soft stems. So come on ladies get ready to rock your short shorts in this heat ;)

I think this costs about $7-$8 and you can find it in the natural section of your grocery store. Kiss My Face makes many more products and you can find them here

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sweet Treat For My Body

I like fancy things and I am a sucker for packaging and pretty stores. Until recently I was always on the lookout for the best body butter/cream. I think hydrating your skin (along with sunscreen) is one of the most important ways to stay looking young. Of-course having good genes doesn't hurt either. My mom is in her early 60's and people think she is in her 40's so I hope to partake in those good genes too but it doesn't hurt to take care of the pasty white skin God blessed me with ;).

My search for body cream is over and I am a complete and loyal convert. I loved the lavender cream from L'Occitane but the price point was not quite right for my budget so I was soo happy to find this line and it is made right here in Texas!

Tree Hut - I love their shea body butter and scrub. My favorite scent is Hawaiian Kukui but for the summer I am loving Tropical Mango (Super Man loves it too on me and for use)

It's very very creamy and thick but soaks into the skin well. As you can see I have almost used all of this one. It smells so good and really keeps my skin soft it also last a while and a little goes a long way. 

Then there is the body scrub...I love this stuff. I don't know about you but in the summer I feel like I need a little extra polish to get that healthy glow. I even use this once a week on my face and lips for some really good exfoliation. It is very gritty not wimpy which I like but also gentle enough my skin doesn't feel like someone is pealing it off. 

Made right here in Texas, Flower Mound to be exact...I love buying local. Plus not tested on animals always good to know. 

Beauty shot...

You can purchase it at Walmart, Ulta, Target and it runs about $6 to $9 can't beat that!

You can see all the scents and products here as well as their story. Let me know what scents you try!