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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Summer Heart

Summer is winding down. I don't mean the heat we still have some more of that to come. But the slowness that summer brings. The days are the same in length but they seem longer with the warm sun shinning well into the evening. You sit on your patio longer and take walks around the block at almost 9pm when the sky turns a dusty rose. All my friends and family and even Superman are talking about school starting so that makes it feel official. We start to settle more into a routine that we don't seem to have in summer. You have to start going to bed earlier and you spend more time indoors.

It makes me miss my childhood when I used to bowl in the summer with my grandma or make mud pies with my dad by the lake ...when did I grow up? It also makes me thankful for the adventures I have had this summer and what I have learned about myself. 

So here's to slower days...

Ice tea on the patio

Fans on full blast 

Watching the evening roll in.

Sniffing the summer flowers in the wind


And finding yourself or at least who you want to be.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Color Me Happy Nails

So I pretty much stopped wearing fake nails about 4 and a half years ago. I love manicured nails in fact I am almost obsessed. I don't feel complete with out my toes and nails done. I get a manicure and pedicure every two weeks. But my manicure is more like a polish change because I prefer to push my cuticles back as opposed to cutting them...I do love the arm massage though I mean who doesn't?? In between visits I paint them myself. Here are some colors I am loving right now (I have to search out colors because I am almost always at a loss and don't like anything when I go to the salon)

This is "Son of a Peach" the perfect neon pastel (is that an oxymoron?) peach!

This is Essie Fifth Avenue a perfect bright summer red like a good old 50's red.

Also one of my favorite summer neutrals is Essie Marshmellow 

Sorry I don't have a shot of it on my nails but its a good white not too stark bright white but soft and vibrant. Classy and fresh and goes with everything!

So here is my summer trio. What are the summer colors you are loving?

Have a great Monday!