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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gather for Brunch

We tried out a new brunch spot this weekend in downtown McKinney. I love brunch especially on the weekends. I like to dress up and linger over a relaxing meal with champagne ;) This spot is attached to a cute little shop with tons of rustic chic decor. 

In love with this sofa

This wall decal 

And these adorable white little duckies.

After a little shopping it was time for brunch.

They have byob (or byoc champagne for brunch mimosas )

The food was really good but I have to say a little cold. I am hoping it was just a fluke because the food tasted great. The enchilada casserole and the nutty French toast were the best!

I am not a huge buffett person usually because I don't eat that much, I feel wasteful and I would like my food super hot. I will give the place another chance because the atmosphere was perfectly adorable. One of those places that would be great for a rehearsal dinner or shower!


Rustic chic and charming. The owners were also delightful.

Delicious desserts served on sweet plates.

Gather in McKinney check it out!  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ancient Ovens and Hidden Hills

Friday night date night I threw on my boots and Super Man grabbed a couple bottles of wine and some peach vodka then we headed out west...north west to be exact.

we drove for quite awhile and the road was flat and boring. Then all of the sudden the road went from flat to hilly and green

and the temp dropped 15 degrees so the windows came down for the rest of the drive

Then we took our first turn and ended up here in a little sleepy town

The kind you see in movies it was quite and mysterious

We took one more turn and we were greeted by a sweet country road and some barnyard friends

The view just kept getting better

Once we made it the very sweet hospitable owner and his wife welcomed us in and gave us a spot right next to the oven. (if you come in a small group your chances of getting in close are good) Not that there is a bad seat in the house. You just might have to wait in line longer once the grub starts rolling out.

We took our seats

Poured our drinks and settled in to take in the sights

Then the first course was ready to be served. They cook four delicious courses in the wood burning oven that the owner built after he retired from the navy

Yummy soft bread covered in a delicious cheesy, herb dip. I had to pace myself.

Then Lauren prepped the next course ...Italian tear drops. The only tears will be when they are gone.

These were my favorite, olive and cheese hugged by a thin crispy shell!!

We got to my favorite part of the night when the sun started to set...

and the twinkle lights came on

my bartender mixed me up some drinks

The music seemed to get a little louder and the pizza's went in the oven

Everyone seemed to jump up with excitement and hunger to help themselves. They had every thing pepperoni, spinach, jalapeno, all kinds of peppers, sausage, mushroom ...

Just when we thought we couldn't take another bite and we had gotten deep into conversation with some of our neighbors. I was starting to feel really relaxed and wondering why we don't live out in the country, then it was time for dessert...nutella goodness wrapped and baked in pizza crust.

it was ooey, gooey and just the right amount of sweet crispiness.

I had to walk my food off a little so we headed over to check out their stash of local art.

We wound it down and stumbled out of our little western retreat.

thanked our host and headed on down the road. I spent the walk to the car and the drive looking and how bright the stars were. I grew up in East Texas on some farmland and I have seen the stars this bright before. I guess they are always there, sometimes we just have to stop, look-up get out from under the lights and mess that clouds our day, to see the tiny beauty shining through. I watched during the drive home as my stars started to fade back into the city lights.

Thank you Ancient Ovens for getting us out of the city, for stuffing our belly's and for reminding me to look up!!