Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Gather for Brunch

We tried out a new brunch spot this weekend in downtown McKinney. I love brunch especially on the weekends. I like to dress up and linger over a relaxing meal with champagne ;) This spot is attached to a cute little shop with tons of rustic chic decor. 

In love with this sofa

This wall decal 

And these adorable white little duckies.

After a little shopping it was time for brunch.

They have byob (or byoc champagne for brunch mimosas )

The food was really good but I have to say a little cold. I am hoping it was just a fluke because the food tasted great. The enchilada casserole and the nutty French toast were the best!

I am not a huge buffett person usually because I don't eat that much, I feel wasteful and I would like my food super hot. I will give the place another chance because the atmosphere was perfectly adorable. One of those places that would be great for a rehearsal dinner or shower!


Rustic chic and charming. The owners were also delightful.

Delicious desserts served on sweet plates.

Gather in McKinney check it out!  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mom's Banana Bread

Making banana bread is definitely a sign that Fall is coming. However it was so hot this weekend I almost melted getting it done. There should be a rule that the oven must remain off when the temp is over 100. But college football began and the husband made his usual request so here we go.

It is delicious and easy to make for the most part especially if you have a mixer.

It's my moms recipe and I have tried others but they just don't compare.

It calls for butter milk but if you don't have any just use regular milk and squeeze a little lemon in it and let it sit while you start.

Get your mixer her ;)

Bananas the darker and softer the better ...eeww.

First combine sugar and crisco.

Yup I said crisco...I know using it is frowned upon these days but if you want the good stuff it has to be done!

Cream them together

Scrape sides

Add eggs

Seperatly mix dry ingredients

Then alternate dry ingredients with buttermilk into the mixer.

Next mash up bananas

Mash good

Pour in

Add vanilla (my fav)

Then mash nuts...I use walnuts or pecans what ever I have handy.

Mix in.

Spray your bread pan and fill about 3/4 the way full if you have extra you can make a couple muffins. Don't over fill it will not cook all the way through.

Nice and light.

Bake at 350 for an hour or until the top pops back when you lightly push on it.

Muffins will take less time about 15 min

Let cool then serve while still warm in middle :)

It goes quick around my house ...especially when football is on.

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Autumn Dreaming

Today's vacation day has been filled with a wonderful steady rainstorm complete with rolling thunder and a cool breeze. After having my coffee on the patio per the usual except this time I listened to the rain. Its interesting how after so much heat a little cool snap and the dancing drops of rain can make me completely content.

I know we will have several warm weeks left ahead of us but I couldn't help but start to dream of Autumn. Its a difficult time for me when it comes to putting my wardrobe together because its can be very warm one day and cool and crisp another. 

The summer was great and I am always a little sad to see it go however, by the time the 100 degree temps have been around for a few weeks I am eagerly awaiting cooler temps that make me want to buy school supplies, cozy light weight sweaters, bright fall colored plants, flavored coffee creamer, soups and cozy fluffy socks.
Here are some realistic transitional pieces I would like to add to my wardrobe. 

I hope you are having a lazy labor day and spending it the way you find most relaxing! 

Images link to items.