Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Fresh Brewed Morning

I can't remember when I started drinking coffee, I remember always loving the smell but I can't remember when I started to like it. I grew up watching my mom drinking it and I would try it and hate it so I am sure it was an acquired taste. But now coffee means so much more to me it's the part of my day when everything is calm and peaceful and I have the opportunity to be still and listen to what God wants me to hear. I also still have the chance to make the day special and do anything I want. I don't always wake up in time to enjoy it like I want during the week (even though I try and my day is always better when I do) I do however look forward to it on Saturday and Sunday. 

Even when I get it out of the Starbucks dispenser at work it still gives me comfort. I read this book once called A Fresh Brewed Life and it explains so much of how I feel. Coffee does wake up my soul or rather how I use the time drinking it.

I keep my coffee"tools" pretty and easy to use because they make me happy.

I scoop the beautiful smiling grinds out with a sweet measuring spoon I got as a gift from a friend. Right now we like Snicker Doodle flavor Superman says it reminds him of my mom's house. 

I put it into my friend the "machine" she will also grind the beans which we do occasionally but it is very noisy...hello sweet friend. Then she beeps at me it's a very dainty girly beep, this literally excites me.

And there it is, the steam that comes off the cup even when it's hot outside is like a big hug to say Good Morning Lauren I hope you slept well.

The dogs watch because they know what comes next...

We head outside. Usually I sit here under the fan but when the weather is particularly nice or I want to get more of a breeze I will head out here.

And if I am lucky enough to not be super lazy I have gotten up in time to see the sunrise. I read somewhere once that it is so much better for your body to rise with the sun something about our internal clocks and our stress levels. I know it always makes me feel better. 

Barbie assumes her spot and I get to have quite time with my Father. I breath in and out and I try to clear my head from all the things that can make you crazy in this world. I start by telling him everything I am thankful for. There is something about being outside each morning that makes me feel closer to him and when I miss it I can tell my day doesn't have the same peace. I also oddly enough feel closer to my mom and my Grandma not sure why but I do :).

Then someones walks down our street and the dogs defend our yard and all is right in my small world.

If it gets too warm I move back up under the porch (I hate how hot it gets here in summer) But I am loving my huge new fan it blows my fern around and makes me feel like I am somewhere tropical.

Polo jumps up for a snuggle and then we head inside. Super Man has come to learn that I need this time in the morning especially on the weekends. I love to share it with him as well but sometimes I sit too long for his liking. So I come inside to this...

Which means "I am ready for you to cook me breakfast now." He pretty much cooks me breakfast all week since we have been on the 12 week workout plane. So I am happy to cook for him on the weekends, if he lets me ;). 

I hope there is something in your morning that gives you peace and comfort!


Mom said...

I relate so much to coffee comfort. We may not know what each day brings but we can count on our coffee quite time. Mom

Anonymous said...

Quiet time is the best. It is so important to take time for yourself and recharge.