Friday, July 5, 2013

Day Full of F-Words

But not the kind you think...Freedom, Friends, Family, Food, Fireworks, Fish, Furry Friends, my day was pretty perfect! I have had some terrible fourth of July holiday's you know where you run around like a nut looking for the perfect spot to see the fireworks only to sit there for hours while everyone around you continues to get more and more intoxicated. Then your "cute white bottoms" that you had to wear are now see through because you are dripping in sweat (well this happens a lot here in Texas). I always have high hopes for this day. There is something magical about almost everyone in the country being off work at the same time, probably firing up some kind of grill and then my favorite part is how everyone seems to get quite and look up to the sky and think about how you used to watch them as kids...I still love the sound I think more than the color of the fireworks.

We started the day by taking the doggies for a patriotic walk while it was still cool

Then we headed over to a friends house to spend the was a beautiful day for a drive windows down sunroof open!

We toasted

We chased our friends babies around as they chased the dogs

We ate...look at that. It was like a little summer explosion in your mouth like pico and guacamole decided to play together and I liked it!

and ate some more...Buffalo Chicken Dip. It's like chicken wings except you takeaway the bones and add 20lbs of cheese a perfect swap in my book

Then we went outside... this is there back yard

I was in heaven, so pretty not sure how I would ever leave me home if this was my view

I found the perfect place to admire the view and slip into a small Buffalo Chicken Dip induced comma.

and I wasn't the only one

I could tell someone was eyeing me for my spot so I decided to share and go see what the boys were up to...fishin of-course. Well he is actually trying to feed the minnow some grass. This was by fare my favorite picture from the day

They got one, well actually the got about 8. There was a bit of friendly competition going on to keep it interesting.....hey is the minnow in there?

The pretty girls watched.

 Then we all got cleaned up and put the blanky in the yard...partially because it felt good and partially because we needed to lay flat due to too much food, You will get no complaints on this type of arrangement from me I am a huge yard napper. We laid out there and talked until it got dark and you could hear the fireworks going off around us. We reluctantly headed home. 

We stopped on the way just in time to catch a good 15 minutes of the show. Then we drove home and I thought the whole time how proud and thankful I am to live in this country and to be surrounded by my friends and their sweet families. Happy 4th everyone!


Anonymous said...

hey lauren! this looks amazing! i can't wait to see all your wonderfully creativity through this blog. watch out southern living! love, sarah b.

Lauren While I'm Here said...

Thanks Sarah, I am so glad you liked it! That means a lot.

the hardees said...

Fun feature, fun friends, fun fourth!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lauren, I'm so glad you wrote this. These are all beautiful and wonderful things in our lives that are easily taken for granted. Not intentionally, but because we are caught up in what we have to do next and what we haven't done, that we forget to live in the moment. We forget to appreciate what we have in front of us. I'm very guilty of this. I read something recently that said, "Be grateful for what you have now, for not too long ago it was what you longed for." Our lives are richly blessed. Thank you for taking time to point out the beauty in the little things that happen all around us everyday!

Lauren While I'm Here said...

Thank you ladies!