Friday, July 5, 2013

My Favorite Day in Paris

This was my first time to Paris and I will be back. I quickly feel in love with the walk-able city. Everything they say is true except the people aren't rude! It was simply wonderful and dreamy.

Everyday in Paris was really my fav but this one stood out. It was our 5 year anniversary and we had one thing we planned to do, the rest of the day we just wanted to get lost and see what we found.

We picked a walking tour from TripAdvisor and it was just what we wanted!

We started out with some cafe au lait that I was basically addicted to

I love how they serve coffee always with a saucer and spoon. So many times in the US I get coffee no saucer...where do I put my spoon? So I usually end up putting it on a napkin (annoying)

Then we walked over through the Luxembourg garden and saw some lovelies along the way

This is what I love about walking around Paris everything is so colorful, fun and fresh

It was still chilly while we were there so no sail boats to push around but everyone was still out and about.
The garden was lovely even though not in full bloom.

I took this one because these boys were out of school, sagging their pants, listening to their headphones and being genuinely's funny to see some things are the same in all countries. 

We made our way out of the garden and stumbled into Angelina's which was on my list to find so I was giddy when we turned the corner and there it was. We got right in with no waiting and snuggled into our cozy table surrounded by people having a bite to eat. We immediately ordered the African hot chocolate. They serve it with a pile of whip cream (the good thick dreamy kind) I could hardly contain myself...seriously it's so good it's almost naughty!

After I licked my cup and some of his, we were rested and ready to continue we headed back out. On our way to Pont Des Arts we got a little side tracked...

grabbed a couple of sweet treats and found a great place to people watch  in the St. Germain area 

Even though it's chilly everyone still sits outside to people watch. All the chairs face the street and you sit side by side instead of across the table from one another. I loved it. We split a wonderful sandwich and some wine and passed a couple of hours perfectly content talking, watching the extremely fashion forward people and trying to decide who was a tourist and who wasn't. I lusted over some outfits and pointed out what items I needed :)

We asked our very handsome waiter to take a quick pic then we were ready for more walking.

We made it to the bridge and along the way there are street vendors selling what I am sure are not so original paintings, but we loved them and bought one for our bedroom. We like to purchase one item to use or display around the house from our trips. I will post it once I get it framed and hang it.

We locked our lock on the bridge

He threw in the key

We promised to be together forever...again. It was the single most silly yet absolutely romantic and fun thing we have ever done. Superman really got into it. He picked out the lock and if possible I love him even more for it.

We spent another hour or so just looking around the bridge at all of the locks and the awesome views. Then we headed down the way to Notre Dame. I could over load on pictures of this place so I chose the ones that made my heart go pity patter

The chandeliers

People's prayers

The windows and stone

After we were done looking over the oldest building either of us had ever seen we hopped on the metro and headed back to the hotel. Hotel Sezz (Fabulous)

Super Man picked out a great bottle of wine with the help of a charming shop owner he made best buds with. I grabbed my glass and hopped in the giant tub for a bubble bath 

while he went back out for some bread

After I rested and soaked we sat out on our little balcony with out feet dangling over the street below and watched the sun go down.

She is starting to twinkle

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