Monday, July 15, 2013

A Garden Party

I love any excuse to throw a good tea party and when one of my best friends had a new baby girl in her life I had the perfect one! I love outdoor dinning and I have always loved garden parties...hats, pretty dresses, cool breezes, fun beverages, flowers, friends and fancy dishes yup it's pretty much heaven to me! Well everything but the cool breeze it actually got pretty warm but everyone seemed to enjoy the shade.

So I bought my hat.

Got my dress

and started to get some decorations and menu items together. I decided on apple cinnamon, pecan monkey bread and I don't think I got a good picture of it. Breakfast pizza, fruit salad and yogurt parfaits.then there was the invitations.

I printed them very simple and tied some twin with lavender from my pots...hoping it would smell good when it arrived.

Then on too decor.

Prepped the Tyler flowers my Mom picked up on her way in

Set the scene

There were mimosas, cucumber water, and coffee.


I combined my grandmothers china and my moms china they happen to look lovely together

Guests started to arrive

It was a lovely day and my absolute pleasure to plan with my sweet friends Allyson and Meredith! I love the women that bless my life with their friendship and these are the moments we should find to celebrate and enjoy each others company.

When the hours feel like moments, you know you are celebrating with true friends.


Mom said...

Pure delight! Enjoyed all the lovely details, food and friends:) Mom

the hardees said...

Such a fun and pretty shower!