Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jalapeño Basil Porkchops

During the summer we pretty much decide what we are going to eat with one question..."can we grill it?" So here is an easy one for the grill.

First get you basil

We keep some in the back

Pull the leaves off

Put your ring on your ring holder...mine is a cute bird my mom got me.


Lay out and pay dry

Chop it up...this is my favorite little chopper buddy I use it all the time and it is perfection and easy to clean!

Next is the spicyness it comes from the jalapeño jelly.

It's good stuff 

Thick perfect for marinade 

Low fat and low call...bonus!

Throw in your basil

Mix it up good then heat

Next season up the chops we like Lawry's and pepper.

Smother those babies in your marinade and let sit in the fridge for 20 mins or so.

Place on the grill...or if you are like me have some hot guy do it for you.

Slather them a little more then cool for 15 min and flip.

Sit back and look over the freshly cut yard while you wait for them to be done just another 15 min.

Wa-la yummyness!

I have mine with brussels sprouts  seasoned with sea salt and pepper sooo good but I know not everyone likes them including Super Man so he has his with other veggies and some potatoes.

Pork chops are very lean and low fat we have them a lot...It's a good week night meal and we have lunch for tomorrow.

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