Friday, July 12, 2013

Floral Friday

I am pretty much obsessed with all things floral and I love having fresh flowers around my house. It has become a must in my world. The make me feel relaxed and luxurious without spending a fortune. I don't spend $100 worth or anything. I usually spend about $20 bucks a month to keep them in the house all month. I by the inexpensive ones that last a long time and when I can, I cut them from my yard (that is the best way). I like to make sure I have some on Thursday night fresh and ready so we can enjoy them over the weekend. The same way I like to clean my house and make sure I make the bed so when I come home on Friday afternoon my house greats me and says "sit back, make a cocktail and relax it's the weekend!" So here's what I have going on for this weekend....

I think all of these cost about $8 and I have had the top and bottom ones for a week. Super Man brought home the middle ones last-night. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend filled with slow days, cold drinks, late mornings, the cool side of your pillows, and lots of good food!!

Speaking of food I will post our ceviche recipe soon.

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