Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baubles I Adore

I have liked jewelry as long as I can remember and I always was most interested in what my mom and grandma had. I love all kinds of jewelry but I gravitate toward old items or at least pieces that look old. So here is a random post about a few pieces I love and why.

Huge statement pearl and cameo necklace. I have always loved cameos and I got this one on a trip to Canton (giant flea market in Texas) I love it because it was so unusual and because it reminds me of that day I spent with my mom. 

Another cameo and this is probably one of the most special pieces I own. That cameo was given to my mom by my dad.  He picked it up in the original cameo factory while he was stationed in Europe in the navy. The diamonds in it are from my grandmothers wedding ring. It so amazing and special my mom had it made and gave it to me for my 30th birthday.

This is the simply adorable bracelet Super Man bought me at a vintage shop in paris for our 5th wedding anniversary. It is so unique and feminine and perfectly Parisian. I could not love it more.

My wedding earrings also a gift from my mother. They are delicate and I love how the aquamarine dangles in between the pave diamonds!

I collect broaches and this is one that was my grandmothers I remember how she used to wear it on her suede blazers.

A costume cocktail ring that I can't even remember where I got it but it always fancies up an outfit and I get compliments on it every time. 

My grandmothers slide bracelet, my grandmother left a gold bracelet mostly gold bangles to all the grand daughters and she left me this one. I was mesmerized by it as a kid and I still am. I think my favorite is the rose bud slide on the end.

Then of course there is my wedding ring my most favorite piece in the whole world. I love that he picked it out all on his own and I stare at it every single day...sorry for the bad picture. It's radiant cut with pave diamonds all over (they are my favorite). I remember how excited I was when I got it and how his face looked when he gave it to me.

I love how when people pass on or leave your life you have these things to remember them and feel connected.

Jewelry is so special and sentimental to me. I love costume jewelry too but it's the pieces that have a story that are my favorite. Do you have pieces that mean a lot to you?

Happy hump day!!

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