Monday, August 12, 2013

Islamorada Day 1 Part 1

It was time for a vacation. If I don't see the ocean once a year I start to get ancy. Plus we needed some time to breath and get ready for a lot changing in our lives. I had never been to the Keys and neither has Super Man so we were excited to check it out. We hopped on a plane and landed in Miami. She welcomed us bright and cheerfully.

We grabbed a rental car and started our drive, driving in is really the way to go its so easy and beautiful!

I was in charge of navigating and I have to say only two turns from Miami to the Keys ...I nailed it!

We stopped for necessities.

And followed the aqua trimmed highway until we saw the ocean water peek out to greet us and then all of the sudden we were on the islands.

Things immediately started to slow down and the breeze picked up.

The views kept getting better and next thing we knew we arrived at our own little private island haven.

Followed the trail to the reception where some friendly ladies asked us to sit and placed some welcome treats in our hands.

With a tour of the property and I could feel my body relaxing...maybe it was the drink or maybe my surroundings. I didn't really care it was wonderful!

Our suite was cool and peaceful 

We threw our bags down threw on swimsuits and headed for the water.

We walked around the amazing garden that made us feel like we were in another country. Everything was so quite and peaceful and each little nook was more beautiful than the last.

Met some friends then decided to commit to a location to lay around until dinner time.

We found a tree top cabana all to ourselves so we settled in for some naps and reading.

After dosing off I decided to take a dip in the pool to cool down a bit.

We had it all to ourselves so we floated until the sun started to go down...

After chatting with the friendly bartender and getting some recommendations on dinner we ran back up to the room to get ready for dinner and the sunset. 

It's amazing how being in this place for only about 3 hours I already felt my muscles loosen, and peace surround me. I was already in love and I hadn't even seen the sunset.
To be continued tomorrow...

Happy Monday!

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Mom said...

I want to go too!
Someday I will:)
Very glad you too got to go!