Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shiny and Healthy

I have let my hair grow out really long and I have colored it so I am always on the look out for items to keep it healthy. I am not a huge product user but I found myself needing more moisture on the ends of my hair lately. I decided to try a couple things and I am loving these...

It's an everyday conditioner, I just use it in my ends and a little in my hair line to help with dry scalp. 

It smells good and makes my hair super soft and shiny.


I also love love this stuff.

Smells like coconut and I put a tiny dab in my hand and run it through the ends...yummy. 

Smooth and shiny.

You can read more in the links below...happy Wednesday!!
Anti Breakage Serum

I got them both at Kroger.

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