Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Last Day in Islamorada

I was thinking about the school year starting and the wonderful summer I had. I am always day dreaming about travel and our next adventure. There is something about seeing other parts of the world that teaches me more than I ever learned in college or by reading. I learn how other people live and the beauty that God has made all over the world. It makes me appreciate my blessings, appreciate  other people and respect their differences and allows me to dream about my future. Anyway ;) here is our last day in Islamorada.

We woke up and decided to do some early morning stretching and light exercise to get our blood pumping and to appreciate the state of relaxation our muscles had gone into.

Then some breakfast with a lovely view and 4 or 5 cups of coffee and chit chat.

We decided to explore around our little island via kayak. They leave them by the water so grab one when ever you like.

We went out to where the water got really clear and still. I am a huge fan of being in the middle of ocean (on a safe little or large boat) super man not so much.

We creeped in to decide if we wanted to buy a boat and live on it.

Met some friends.

After floating for and hour or so we headed back to say good by to our island with a last nap by the pool.

It was totally empty and peaceful!

Peaceful perfection! We reluctantly told the sweet ladies of Casa Morada goodbye and see you soon. i may have cried a little... We headed out to do some shopping and find one little item to have at home from our trip.

That's a big lobster

We found a fish house on the water for our last island meal.

Where the bartender messed up on a piƱacolada so I offered to get rid of it for her.

We ordered our meals and watched the boats and jets skies go by.

I got the most AMAZING!! coconut shrimp seriously best I have ever had.

Super Man got a fish samich ( it can only be said that way when it's that good)

Then we finally got a piece of KeyLime pie...not sure what took us so long.

It was perfection more creamy than limey ...that's how I like it.

We licked the plate and talked fresh fish markets with our waitress then headed out. It was a perfect fair well meal. 

We had the most relaxing trip. We can't wait to come back and explore more and we feel so blessed to have had three truly perfect days in paradise. 

It was then time to go back to reality. But we will always have Casa Morada just one closed eye and day dream away.


SM said...

i enjoyed this post!

Lady Helen said...

Ant believe I've only just read this post.... I'm still dreaming of islamorada ... We were there at the same time :-)