Friday, August 23, 2013

Tomato, Bacon, Basil Tarts

I know we all have our "go to" recipes you know the kind you make for showers or can whip up with out looking at a recipe, and are always crowd pleasers. Will this is one of my most favorite!! I am not even sure where my mom got this from but I have loved them since high school.

You need:
10 slices of bacon 

Grands biscuits - one biscuit makes two tarts or four minis. Any biscuit will do but you always need the layered kind!

1 tomato 

Some basil fresh or dried both good

3/4 cups Italian cheese blend

1/2 cup mayo

Spray your pans...I am doing minis this is always cuter for a shower but if I am making them for Super Man I do regular muffin size.

While you do the next few steps go ahead and cook your bacon.

Peel your biscuit in half enough to line your muffin tin.

Leave some over the edge so they make little cups.

Chop your tomato

Wash and chop basil and add it in.

Get your bacon out...I pretty much like my burnt all the time but for this extra crispy is best.

Dab off ...I use turkey bacon sometimes and sometimes regular totally up to you!

Chop pretty tiny and try to fend off wild animals who come running at smell of bacon...

Add in bacon

Cheese... I am more of an eyeballer on amount but you should for sure have more cheese than mayo.

Add mayo...if you get too much just toss in a little more cheese.

Mix the yumminess together 

Spoon in to your biscuit cups.

Adjust so they are all pretty full.

Your oven should still be hot from the bacon, cook these beauties on 350 for about 12 min or until the cheese is bubbly and the biscuits are golden.


I should warn you they smell heavenly while cooking ...people will wake up!

And cute too ;)

For a ladies shower or for you mom serve on sweet plate and add what ever sides you like. 

Yup they will become one of your "go to's"  I promise!!!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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Mom said...

Yes they will, tummy yummy:)